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Why Use SmartLab?

Our educational resources have assisted over 170,000 Australian students for over 20 years.

Developed by teachers for students and teachers

Master all key curriculum topics

Our extensive diagnostics analyse your students’ understanding of all aspects of the key curriculum topics in literacy and numeracy and direct each student to targeted tutorials designed to meet their specific learning needs.

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Diagnostic Modules

Our Diagnostic Modules evaluate students’ competency over all key curriculum topics in literacy and numeracy.

These modules provide detailed analytics of the strengths and areas for further attention of each student and the cohort.

SmartLab automatically directs students to tutorials providing teaching and practice questions according to their individual needs.

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Targeted Modules

We provide continuing analysis of students’ strengths and gaps in understanding through carefully planned targeted modules in all aspects of the key curriculum areas.

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Student Diagnostic Reporting

We provide students with immediate, detailed and comprehensive reports highlighting strengths and gaps in understanding across key literacy and numeracy topics.

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Teacher Diagnostic Reporting

We provide teachers with comprehensive reporting highlighting cohort performance, including strengths and areas for attention for each student.

Teachers can easily track student’s progress in every topic including each focus area. This reporting provides continuous information about each student’s progress.

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Easily navigate and control SmartLab via your teacher control panel.

SmartLab is very simple to use. Release modules, track individual student’s completion of modules and tutorials, as well as obtain up to date information about individual student’s performance, all in one simple central location.

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Learn from more than 100+ Targeted Tutorials

SmartLab directs your students to targeted tutorials that specifically address focus areas the student may find difficult.

Tutorials provide teaching, worked examples, practice questions and instructional videos.

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