Master all key curriculum topics

SmartLab will assist your students master key curriculum topics and focus areas.

In line with Australian literacy and numeracy curriculum, SmartLab explores 10 broad numeracy curriculum topics, 4 broad literacy curriculum topics, over 70 numeracy focus areas and 34 literacy focus areas.

Diagnostic and Targeted Modules concentrate on each curriculum topic as well as each focus area to give detailed feedback to students and teachers highlighting the topics and focus areas where the student or class may require additional assistance.

SmartLab provides over 100 targeted tutorials that specifically address each focus area to assist students master every question of every topic.

Below is an example of the topics and focus areas specific to Grade 7 Numeracy.

Year 7 Numeracy Topics and Focus Areas

Numeracy Diagnostic Modules

Numeracy Diagnostic Modules evaluate student performance across the key curriculum topics of:

  • Algebra
  • Number Theory and Basic Operations
  • Fractions
  • Decimal Fractions
  • Percentages
  • Rates, Ratios and Proportions
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Measurement
  • Geometry
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Spatial Knowledge and Patterns

These modules also target more than 70 different focus areas unique to those topics.

Diagnostic Modules evaluate student performance at key times of the school year.

Literacy Diagnostic Modules

Literacy Diagnostic Modules evaluate student performance across the key curriculum topics of:

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Reading

These modules target over 34 specific focus areas.

Targeted Modules

Targeted Modules focus on specific curriculum topic areas and evaluate competencies over each area.

Targeted Modules are useful to check your students’ understanding following teaching of new topic areas.

Students can also use Targeted Modules to focus on specific topics where they may require further assistance.

Overall Results

Students can review their performance overall in the module including how many questions were answered correctly.

Results by Numeracy and Literacy Topic

SmartLab’s diagnostics allow students to:

  • Review their performance overall in each curriculum topic.
  • Identify topics they have mastered as well as topics that require more attention.
  • Click on a topic to view more specific diagnostics of that topic.

Results by Focus Question and Targeted Tutorials

Students can review their performance over each focus area specific to that topic.

Here students can:

  • Review their answer and the correct answer.
  • Review the focus area for that question.
  • Be directed to targeted tutorials to address any gaps in knowledge and understanding.

Summary Page

Easily access immediate reports of your students’ performance in every module. Your report summary page will identify:

  • Your class’s performance in the module, including your cohort’s average result.
  • Your class’s performance overall in each numeracy or literacy topic.
  • Each student’s performance overall in each module.

Results by Numeracy and Literacy Topics

Develop an understanding of your class and individual student’s performance in specific topic areas. Your topic page will assist you to target and identify:

  • How your class performed overall in each focus area of that topic.
  • Each student’s performance overall in that topic highlighting which students may need further assistance with that topic.

Results by student

Easily navigate between each student’s level of understanding by:

  • Exploring the results of each student including looking at each of their diagnostic results by topic and answers.
  • Quickly identifying which students have completed tutorials for questions answered incorrectly.

100+ Targeted Tutorials

Our detailed and targeted tutorials provide comprehensive teaching material to over 100 different focus areas for each grade.

Each tutorial has a teaching component, worked examples and practice questions. SmartLab is also rolling out video tutorials.

SmartLab directs students to tutorials after each module to focus on any gaps in understanding. All tutorials are also available for students via their dashboard.

Teachers can easily identify whether a student has completed their recommended tutorials.

Teacher Control Panel

Very easily control your students' modules, tutorials, answers and performance all in one place – your teacher control panel.

  • View modules and tutorials.
  • Release modules to students at your own discretion.
  • Review the percentage of students who have completed each module, including identifying which students have completed or are yet to complete modules and tutorials.
  • Navigate to your students’ performance of each module.
  • Release answers to your students at your own discretion.